How to Play

Step 1

Sign Up/Sign In

Registration is required for new users who wish to play for an item on the 100 naira shop. Signing up is easy and free of charge, simply provide an email address or phone number and you are good to go. Afterwards, proceed to setting up your profile to provide a detailed information of yourself. We would love to know more about you.

Step 2

Fund your wallet

Once registration and signing in has been completed, quickly proceed to funding your wallet with your desired amount. On your account page, select ‘my wallet’, click on recharge, enter amount and select your desired payment option. Once this is done, proceed to the fun part… searching for prizes.

Step 3

Search and select prizes

There are fantastic prizes grouped in several categories for you to choose from. At the top of the page click on the 'Play Now' tab and pick the prize(s) you wish to play for while indicating the amount of raffle tickets you wish to purchase for the item. This automatically adds your prize(s) of choice to your cart. When you are done selecting, proceed to click on the cart icon as indicated in the diagram below. You will find a list of all the items you have selected in your cart. This here, is your chance to confirm the number of raffle tickets you wish to buy for each prize. Proceed to checkout once you are done with this. Bored? You are just one tiny step away from winning your dream private jet, car, house, mobile phone and lots more. We will let you in on a little secret. The higher the quantity of raffle tickets you purchase for a prize, the better your chances of winning. Cool right?

Step 4

Purchase raffle tickets for the selected items

The checkout point is the final point. You will find a summary of your activities which include number of selected items as well as number of raffle tickets you have decided to purchase for those items. Where you still have an empty wallet, you can decide to credit your wallet or make a one-time payment to complete the purchase of your tickets for the selected items. That isn’t so hard is it? Peep Step 2 for assistance.

Step 5

Winner Draw Notifications

This is where you sit back for the winners draw notification. Yes, we know, waiting is not so easy. Be rest assured that the lucky winner will be generated in a minute when all the available subscription of tickets are sold, and the winning chance is matched with the number of tickets purchased. While you wait, look around some more, there’s always something extra you’d love to play for or you may click on the ‘Draw result’ to view recent winners.

Step 6

Prize Claiming and delivery

An SMS, email and push notification will be sent to you the second you have won one of our exciting prizes. This email will contain instructions of how to go about claiming your prize. Hey wait! Before the ticket purchase begins, note that winnings must be redeemed within 6 months from the date a winner is announced. There you go! We wish you an amazing experience on 100 Naira shop and best of luck.