The 100 Naira shop is an online lottery solution, which gives Nigerians the opportunity to win any prize they desire for as low as 100 Naira.
100 Naira Shop is an innovative platform that aims to provide users with a unique online lottery experience. Our different collection of prizes is compatible with most of the leading online shopping providers. However, 100 Naira Shop is the only platform in Nigeria (probably in Africa as well) that allows users buy tickets to play for prizes with as little as N100.
Yes. We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original prizes. We also take all necessary actions to ensure that every vendor has passed several screening processes to be listed as a vendor on 100 NAIRA SHOP. However the primary responsibility for ensuring the authenticity of the prizes on our platform, is that of the vendor. Platinum Plus Television Ltd - 100 Naira Shop takes no responsibility or liability for the in-authenticity of the prizes on our platform.
No. Registration on 100 Naira Shop is 100% free.
No. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
It is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 18 to open an account with 100 Naira Shop and use our services.


Yes. You need to register as new user on the 100NS Portal to purchase tickets and play for items on the 100 Naira Shop.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • 1.A new user can register a 100 Naira Shop account with his e-mail and/or mobile number according to the portal/application instructions.
  • 2. An e-mail or SMS notification will be sent to you instantly for verification. The registration is free of charge.
  • Alternatively, you can sign up by using your facebook account.
  • You need to be 18yrs or above and agree with 100 Naira Shop Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to become a 100 Naira Shop registered user.
To log in, simply enter your e-mail address/ phone number and password in the login section.
No. You sign in with your email address or phone number. Your email address or phone number is your username and cannot be changed once your account is created.
To retrieve your password, click the “forgot password” option. An activation link will be sent to your registered e-mail address/ phone number and you will be prompted to enter a new password
Login to your account and go to your profile, enter new password, repeat new password and click on "Save".
Go to "My Account" and "Profile" to change your personal details such as avatar picture, nickname and password.


A raffle ticket costs ₦100 only.
You can buy a ticket or fund your wallet using your card on our secure website or using the ATM.
You can buy a raffle ticket with a USSD account through the follwing steps:
  • 1.Dial 100 Naira Shop short code (*322*1*04323401*100#).
  • 2.Enter your customer ID.The customer ID is found in your profile dashboard.
  • 3.Select payment instrument of your choice (eCash, Card, Account).
  • 4.Enter your PIN(eCash/eWallet PIN).
  • 5.Send
You can buy a raffle ticket on an ATM through the follwing steps:
  • 1.Insert your ATM card in the machine.
  • 2.Enter your personal identification number (PIN).
  • 3.Select QUICKTELLERfrom the options on the main menu screen.
  • 4.Select PAY BILLS.
  • 5.Select the account type you would like to use to make payment.
  • 6.Select the PAY A MERCHANT option.
    (Note: if you do not see the PAY A MERCHANT option or the required paymemt option on the screen, please select OTHERS option to enter the payment code for the merchant).
  • 7.Enter the PAYMENT CODE for the merchant to make payment.
  • 8.Enter the Customer REFERENCE NUMBER (Customer ID).
  • 9.Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  • 10.Enter your phone number, then click on PAY AMOUNT options to continue.You should get a payment confirmation on the next screen.
  • 11.Payment Completed.
Go to your profile. Click on "Recharge" under "My Wallet", select payment option and follow the instructions to recharge your wallet.
The minimum deposit amount is NGN 100.
You can view all your transaction history by going to your "Profile" and clicking "My Wallet".
The system will prompt you to update the application if there is a new software release available.


To play, simply choose a prize from the “play” page. The “play” tab can be found at the top menu, next to the “homepage”. After you pick a prize to play for, insert the number tickets you wish to make and click “add to cart”. You can play for multiple prizes with multiple stakes.
You can play for an item as many times as you like.
Playing on 100 NAIRA SHOP is easy! Once you have found the prize you want to win, just follow the steps below:
  • 1. Register or login using your email or telephone number.
  • 2. Click 'Play Now' on the top of the page.
  • 3. Scroll down to find the prize you wish to play for.
  • 4. Enter amount in the 'Buy' box.
  • 5. Click the "✔" mark to add tickets to your shopping cart.
  • 6. Click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page to checkout using your 100 Naira shop wallet or bank card.
Yes, you will have a chance to win a prize even if you only have a single ticket with N100. However, your winning a prize is not guaranteed. A lucky winner will be generated when all the available subscriptions of tickets are sold, and the winning chance is correlated with the number of tickets purchased. For example, a prize having 200 tickets; the user who purchases only 1 ticket can be the winner, while another user who purchased 199 tickets can lose, the fact that a user bought majority of the tickets does not guarantee his winning. It just means that he has a higher chance of winning the prize, but since a winner is randomly generated, no user has an automatic chance of winning.
Because the winner is randomly generated from the total number of tickets purchased for an item, a players chances are higher when more tickets are purchased.
A winner will be randomly generated by the 100 Naira Shop system having certified randomness; and the winning chance is correlated with the number of tickets purchased. When all the tickets are sold, a winner is generated in a minute. You may also view the tickets purchase status and the previous winning records of a prize.
The system will send you a notification when you win a prize. You can also check the result of the recent winners of other prizes by clicking on “Results” on the home screen of the 100 Naira Shop.
Instructions for prize claims are sent via email. Alternative, you can navigate to https://www.100nairashop.ng/user/prize-redemption/index to redeem all won prizes. You will be required to provide a valid means of identification which proves that you are 18 years old and above. A list of acceptable means of identification are provided on the Prize Redemption page.
No. Once a purchase is made, it cannot be cancelled.
No. Certain information about Lottery prizes are public records, including the name of the winner, amount of the prize, date of the draw, name of the game played and city in which the winning ticket was purchased. The public have a right to know that Lottery prizes are indeed being awarded to real persons.
100 Naira Lottery shop will never ask for your bank information or require you to pay a fee or make additional purchases in order to claim a prize.
YES. Winnings must be redeemed within 6months from the date a winner is announced.
Click on the result tab to open the result page.
Winners are purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Random drawings do occasionally produce unusual results. Because of this, there may appear to be patterns or sequences emerging from time to time. But these are simply the results of random chance. Our drawings are overseen by multiple witnesses, and we have significant safeguards and procedures in place to ensure that our games are conducted with honesty, integrity and transparency.
Winner is generated as soon as the progress bar hits a 100%.
NO, you must be resident in Nigeria to purchase the 100 Naira Lottery tickets.
The prize goes to the estate of the deceased winner.
Go to your profile picture, Click on the reward points on the menu items, Click on convert all or enter the points to be converted and click the convert button.
A prize will be divided into a number of subscriptions with equal value (either N100 or N1000) per ticket. For example a mobile phone valued at N20,000 will be divided into 200 tickets of N100 each. If you want to win this prize, you need to buy a minimum of 1 (N100) ticket. The tickets sold are similar with the concept of raffle tickets, and a lucky winner will be generated when all available tickets of a prize are sold. The more tickets a user purchases, the higher the chance that he can win the prize.


Confirmed tickets are non-cancellable, non-refundable and non-revertible. When using the shopping cart, you can always change the quantity of the subscriptions you want to purchase, or even delete the prize before you pay for the items in the shopping cart.
You cannot withdraw money from your 100 Naira Shop wallet.


Prizes that have been in the possesion of the winner for over 48hrs can not be returned if they are defective, wrong prize or damaged. Call our customer care at +234 809 9902 222 or support@10nairashop.ng to create your return. Pack your prize according to the return conditions. Include all tags, accessories or free gifts you received. Return your prize If you requested a pickup, we will contact you to arrange a pickup time. If you selected a drop-off: Please drop your package at the chosen place following the given instructions (no shipping charges will apply).


For your item to be delivered to you, you will need to provide a delivery address on the system before we can process the shipping of your item(s).
There are no hidden costs or charges when you play to win on the 100 NAIRA SHOP.
100 Naira Shop sends link to winners which connects them to the online portal of the selected delivery company.
A tracking number/ID is a combination of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies the prize being shipped to you.
Prizes will be delivered within a month, depending on the item. For more enquiries contact the customer care at +234 809 9902 222
Go to your profile, click prize redemption and edit the shipping address. This can only be done when the prize hasn't been dispatched.